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Originally Posted by Slawter View Post
So animations aside, would I be able to import any tileset (custom or otherwise) from a current ROM hack and it work without having to do any edits?
Should be able to, aye

Originally Posted by Slawter View Post
Also, I hope you do find the motivation to continue with this, I've been ROM hacking on and off since 2008 as I can't seem to let it go, and in all the time I've been doing it and browsing the forums, nothing has got me as excited about a project as this has, so at the very least one person really appreciates the time and effort you've put in even considering a project such as this
Managed to do a bit today, despite the problems I had with my electricity supply.

Currently working on converting the whole engine into OO C++ code, which is taking a very long time, as you might imagine. However, it'll definitely be worth it in the long run because the code will be vastly neater. Plus, I don't need to manage heap storage because C++'s new and delete (and the underlying malloc) work just fine on GBA!

Will need to try to work out how to interact with the malloc system to integrate it into the sprite and palette allocation systems I want to build, though.
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